The Maria Ozawa Meiki Male Masturbator Review


Japan has proven they make great male masturbators from Tenga to Meiki. The Maria Ozawa Meiki masturbator is brought to you by Meiki Toys which is another Japanese based company specializing in male masturbators. “Realistic Vagina” is a phrase that has been labeled on the Meiki Toys with their very successful onahole product line up. When we say “realistic” we mean REALISTIC.


Meiki toys make vagina molds of models and adult actresses, but what makes them different and increases the “realism” is is is a 100% clone of the actress.

Unlike other competing male masturbators like the Fleshlight or Doc Johnson that just mold the exterior of the vagina (clitoris and vaginal opening) Meiki Toys even mold the interior of the vagina.

This makes Meiki Toys technically the most realist male masturbator on the market. Here is an image of the interior to see the detail involved.



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Maria Ozawa is a half Japanese half Caucasian goddess who has made her reputation in Japan with her exotic look. She is regarded as one of the most famous adult actress in Japan and the demand for her to make films in the US is very high.

The Maria Ozawa Meiki masturbator is definitely the most popular in the Meiki Toys line up. The company scanned the whole vagina of Maria Ozawa herself to produce this 100% clone masturbator.

This Meiki masturbator comes with the Maria Ozawa Love Potion lubricant. This lube will last quite a while because only a minimal amount of lube is needed to achieve full lubrication during use.


  • Realism – realistic exterior and interior mold, most realistic look and feel
  • Durability – this masturbator is extremely stretchable so it won’t tear


  • Interior texture – Doesn’t have unique inorganic interior texture designs.
  • Strong Smell out of the box – When this masturbator is new it has a strong smell due to the silicone. It does go away eventually.

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maria_ozawa_meiki-7The Maria Ozawa Meiki masturbator can definitely be ranked on the top as the best male masturbators available on the market. Starting with its 100% anatomically replica this male masturbator is leaps ahead of other similar masturbators. The hassle of reapplication of lube is no problem and durability and a long lasting masturbator is guaranteed. If you’re a fan of Maria Ozawa, looking for an extremely realistic male masturbator or just want a great overall performing masturbator then the Maria Ozawa Meiki masturbator is worth every penny.



Click here to check out the Maria Ozawa Masturbator on Amazon